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We start with a simple questionnaire to understand your project's needs and goals.

We provide 3D designs and a cost estimate, offering a clear and detailed view of the proposed design.

We offer guidance for choosing your builder, ensuring the design is implemented as planned.

We provide regular updates and detailed photos to keep you informed during construction.

After completion, we provide a detailed project archive and offer continuous support for future needs.

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7. How accurate are your design estimates?

✅ Our detailed estimates incorporate 3D CAD/BIM designs and cost projections based on your project specifics. We consider all aspects of your project, from materials to labor costs, to provide you with a realistic and comprehensive budget outline that helps in effective planning and decision-making.

8. What if I'm not satisfied with the final design?

✅ Your satisfaction is our priority. If the final design isn’t to your liking, we’ll discuss revisions under our flexible policy to adjust and refine the design until it meets your expectations.

9. What role does M-Sintez Office play during construction?

✅ We act as advisors, working alongside you and your builders to ensure the approved design is implemented correctly and offering consultations to track progress.

10. Do you offer support after the project is completed?

✅ Yes, we provide ongoing post-design support for any queries or concerns, ensuring our commitment to your project continues even after final delivery. This includes assistance with any future modifications, clarifications on design elements, or any additional advice you may need. Our relationship with clients extends beyond project completion, as we strive to be a lasting partner in your architectural and engineering endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What range of architectural and engineering services does M-Sintez Office offer?

✅ M-Sintez Office offers a comprehensive suite of architectural and engineering services. We cater to a wide array of projects, ranging from residential to commercial and institutional buildings, using industry-established materials like reinforced concrete, wood, and steel. Our services cover the full spectrum of the design process, from the initial concept to detailed interior layouts, ensuring a tailored and integrated approach for each project.

2. What specific design disciplines does your team specialize in?

✅ Our expertise encompasses various design disciplines, including Architecture Design, Geotechnical Engineering, Geodesy Surveying, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Engineering, HVAC & EE (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Energy Efficiency) Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Landscape Design, CAD, BIM, CGI, Video animation, and Real Estate Presentation.

3. Can I hire M-Sintez Office for specific design disciplines if I have other experts on my team?

✅ Yes, you can engage us for specific disciplines. Our flexible team can collaborate with your experts, providing support where needed for a successful project outcome.

4. Does M-Sintez Office handle international projects?

✅ Absolutely! Our Bulgaria-based team is equipped to provide services worldwide, using digital tools and understanding local regulations to deliver quality designs, irrespective of your project's location.

5. How do I start working with M-Sintez Office?

✅ To begin, fill out our contact form. We'll respond within the next business day and start with a questionnaire to understand your vision, ensuring a personalized service approach.

6. Can I request modifications after reviewing the initial design?

✅ Yes, modifications can be requested after reviewing the initial design. We prioritize your feedback and offer unlimited revisions to ensure the final design aligns perfectly with your vision. The first two revisions are included in the initial project cost, and for any further adjustments, we adopt a monthly retainer model. This approach allows us to continue refining and adapting the design as needed, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the end result.

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About Us

M-Sintez AE Office Promises To Help You Build More Pleasing And Viable Buildings... For Generations To Come... So You Can Boost Returns on Your Real Estate Investments

Our team has gone through extensive education and training as well as rigorous licensing exams. For best and measurable results, we use in our workflow state-of-the-art software solutions for 3D drawing and modeling, as well as maintaining neat technical documentation.

Besides designing buildings for clients, we also actively teach, support, and contribute to university and cultural initiatives where we recommend education as empowering and important.

Following a federation of master builders, we operate as members of the EU Chamber of Architects and Engineers.

While aesthetics are certainly important to us, we also prioritize and deliver functionality and usability of spaces in our designs. For us, this applies not only for designing buildings, but also also for urban planning, landscape design, interior design and other related areas.

Through this site, we share everything we've learned about becoming highly effective building designers (without the delays and unrealistic renderings that can be confusing during construction).

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